Public Service Announcement (Interlude)


Oh my God I’m back again. Brothers, sisters everybody…read. Going to bring the flavor show you how; got a stupid little story about The Dentist now…<actually in the next post because I decided to split this into two…>

It’s been nearly three months since you’ve had some sex and pizza. Well, the blog anyway; I hope for everyone’s sake that the last three months have been filled with both sex and pizza in the literal sense since they are indeed two very wonderful things. Just before Valentine’s Day, I was in a sort of bad headspace. I wanted to get past writing about The Dentist so I could write about my next eventual pizza eating and sex partner but it was really making me feel down. I initially started this blog to write about the crappy things that have happened to me in terms of relationships in order to make fun of myself and hopefully get people reading and laughing. I certainly wasn’t laughing and so I just stopped writing. (Netflix hadn’t approached me about turning the blog into a show yet either so I was a little down about that…still waiting, guys…)

I actually considered ending this whole thing because like everything in my life, it wasn’t working out the way I had hoped. I recently signed onto the blog and saw that despite the fact I haven’t posted in a while, there were still a number of page visits. So, if you have been keeping up on the happenings of this lowly bro, then I thank you and I hope you have been entertained.

As I mentioned, writing this stuff didn’t make me feel any more peaceful than I did when I was living it. In fact, in a lot of ways, not writing about this whole shit show made me feel better. I sort of just forgot that people seem to stop caring about me and all I’m left with is the memories and the pizza. Truth be told, I haven’t forgotten about it entirely and it still quietly eats away at me. When I finished writing about The Kid, I felt better. I could listen to The Weeknd again (which thank J-Hova- who inspired this title might I add- because Starboy came out this past fall and I was so ready for it which I probably couldn’t have done if I didn’t come to terms with The Kid…).

So are you ready to get back on the pizza train with me? Maybe I can help you exorcise some demons and dentists?

In fact, now, I have a new goal to achieve. It has nearly been a year since I saw that nasally prick and I’d like to wrap up his tale of douchiness as soon as possible, so let’s go!

Also… if you actually do read this…could you comment? I’d just like to know what people think. Thanks!


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