Putting the “Ta-ta” In Frittata


… Except I had no idea this was it…

So let’s recap, shall we? It is now October, The Kid and I have been talking since August and have been hooking up for a month now. I really, really, really, really, really, really liked him but was trying my best to not act on these feelings. Things had cooled off a bit because they were apparently moving too fast and things were a bit confusing and I texted a lot (which was also confusing since we both were doing it at first) but they had certainly heated up…oh and I tried and liked chili. There was also that little tidbit where The Kid spent the night at my place and we kissed each other goodbye the next morning…that wasn’t a big deal… or it so was. I was now crushing hard. I wanted to banter with The Kid, bang The Kid and now cuddle The Kid.

I had come across a recipe for a pizza frittata on BuzzFeed Food’s Instagram so since I was now into cuddling a boy I figured I’d gay it up and make us a frittata. I knew he was a fan of ricotta cheese because we debated whose mom’s lasagna was better; (he said his mother’s recipe was better because she used ricotta) so I figured this would excite him. We actually had tried to plan this breakfast a few times. I was trying to plan for a morning that the Wet Blanket would be at work but I also had to work. Then, another morning his roommate would be out but she chose not to go to her meeting and I was left sitting out on a bench close to his apartment building waiting to see if she would leave or not. She didn’t but at least I got some sun and listened to The Game’s latest album…which kind of sucked.

We finally made frittata plans for that Friday and he felt bad that our other planned meeting didn’t happen so we also made plans for the next day. I worked this terrible, stressful slightly in my field part-time, minimum wage job on Tuesdays and Thursdays so seeing him after work with the promise of seeing him the next day as well was definitely something to work toward when I wanted to jump out of a third-story window while at work.

I met him at my place after I got off work and before I got off with him. This was definitely the post-work stress relief I needed. Have I mentioned how well this boy could ride the D? If I haven’t then let it be known from here on out that The Kid could ride the D. Unfortunately, our hang had to be a quick one because the Wet Blanket would be home from work soon. We kissed goodbye and planned to see each other in the morning. We started texting shortly after he had left and I had made some comment about reaching a point in our relationship where I thought too much over him to push him out the window if my roommate came home early (that was always a joke/serious thing I had considered) and he said this was good because he really liked the rapport we had developed and he didn’t want to do anything to taint that.

The Wet Blanket came home and we watched some American Horror Story: Hotel and ironically there was a scene where a lumberjack-looking bro, was lured by a vampire bro on something that looked eerily similar to the Dino Tracking App, once they met up and began to strip down, the vampire bro slaughtered the lumberjack. I was so glad I hadn’t seen this before meeting The Kid or I’d been terrified to meet him (or even more terrified than I was on that first night).

The next morning, I got up and began to make breakfast. I was worried because I hadn’t tried this recipe and I wanted it to be good. The Kid had slept in a bit so he was a bit later getting to my place than originally planned.  We ate breakfast and it was okay; I wasn’t thrilled with the recipe. We drank coffee and The Kid informed me that he only started drinking coffee again because he believed it gave him anxiety. He was drinking it again because he was on medication for anxiety. I had always wondered what the pills on his computer desk were for but I didn’t ask and I couldn’t easily see from my vantage point on his bed.

Our hang was again cut a bit short because The Kid slept in and had to go to school for a meeting. There was time for some “extracurricular activities” as he called it after breakfast, though. He didn’t want to get too dirty so there was just some pizza appetizers and not the full on main course. After we were done he asked to use my deodorant which I was kind of grossed out by. I felt like I couldn’t say no though since I’d been inside him…I mean you can’t get much closer than that, right? So I let him use my deodorant, kissed him goodbye and he was out the door.

We talked about how his roommate was leaving for a week the following Tuesday and how we would be spending a bit more time together including sleeping together again. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would kiss The Kid or do anything physical again for that matter. I had no idea which is why The Kid will get one more post but we’ll get to that later. On this day, The Kid and I had breakfast, it was a sunny October Friday and I cleaned up and went downtown to visit the local comic book and candy store. Things were good and I was happy.

What I wasn’t happy with was that recipe, though. So try it out if you want but I also found another one that might be worth a shot, it’s from Minimalist Baker though it uses broccoli which I’m not really feeling and doesn’t use ricotta. Heck, try both the recipes and let me know what you think!


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