Pizza, The Kid & Happy Endings- Pun INtended

Just an amahzing night.


Things with The Kid and I were going great. I had gone home for a funeral just a few days after we met and when I returned we had hooked up four days in a row. I cannot understate how fun this was for me and how good the banter continued to be in person. I was feeling good. It was fun to be sneaking around. Luckily, I started taking a university course so I now had the excuse to use that I was “going to the library” to explain any absences. I utilized this excuse on the first day of classes; I got up bright and early, got ready and said I was going to go buy my book and read it. I did that but I made a detour to The Kid’s apartment for some morning sex.

It was at this time that he told me he would be house sitting for a co-worker for a week and he teased the fact that we could have a week of not worrying about the schedules of our roommates. I showed up there only to realize it was right next door to where my cousin had rented a few years before. The Kid was living in my old apartment building and house/dog-sitting next to the place my cousin had lived. This was funny to me but I had no one to tell.

We made plans for a Monday evening that were to involve sex and pizza. We wouldn’t have to sneak around or leave quickly; we could actually hang out. During one of his visits to my place, I had made him watch what I believe to be the best and funniest show of all time, Happy Endings. Being the cocky little hipster he was, he said he had seen it before but didn’t think it was that good. I believe we watched the first episode and he was into it, or as into it as a cocky little hipster could be. (Things were going so well for us that during a back and forth banter sesh I mentioned that we needed to watch the entire series of Happy Endings which was three seasons and he said there were ten seasons of his favorite show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and so we should just move in together).  

So on a rainy Monday, I headed over to the house next to where my cousin had lived. Did I mention there was also dog sitting involved in this housesitting gig? Sex, pizza, and puppies! (They were actually adult, fully grown dogs but I love alliteration and couldn’t pass up typing “pizza and puppies). As if I wasn’t already smitten with the kid’s sense of humor, good looks and slightly annoying yet irresistible hipsterness seeing him interact with animals was absolutely adorable. You know what isn’t absolutely adorable? Getting it on in front of two cute dogs so we moved upstairs and closed the door.

After more good sex, it was time for pizza. I had been raving about Pizza Hut’s breadsticks (earlier I said our conversations revolved around everything from pop culture, religion, politics and dick pics; well there were a lot of chats about pizza too) so we were going to order from there. Unfortunately for us, I’m a poor, underemployed deadbeat and he was a poor grad student and Pizza Hut is kind of expensive when you factor in breadsticks, pizza and delivery so we settled for the old faithful, Domino’s. (You really can’t beat a large four topping pizza for $11.99…).

And so we started to watch Happy Endings and he was legitimately laughing. (He even admitted to this himself). Let me veer off topic for a second, this show is pure comedic genius and it’s a real shame that it didn’t get more of a following. It is very “of its time” with so many pop cultural references. The characters are relatable yet ridiculous and they talk and react in ways that my own friends and I would. If you haven’t watched this show do yourself a favor and do so. (Actually, I didn’t really veer off topic because a mutual love for Happy Endings leaves me falling into a whole mess of things later on so take this as one of those little Easter eggs that comic book movies like to throw into films as a way to tease a future sequel).

I was legitimately enjoying myself so much that I didn’t care if we got it on after the pizza. I mean, I’ve seen Happy Endings a million times but can watch it forever and again the banter with me and The Kid was just so (as the kids say) “on point”. I don’t know when I realized I actually liked The Kid but I guess it was even earlier than this night; perhaps it was a few days before that when I quoted a future Canadian treasure by the name of Carly Rae Jepsen and told him “I really, really, really, really, really, really like[d] [him]” and he replied with similar sentiments and revealed a love for Carly and introduced me to the masterpiece knows as “Run Away With Me”.  (A year later and I’m sitting in a well-known coffee shop thinking about him and how amazing it would be for Kanye, Carly and The Weeknd to do a song together).

I cut the evening short again because I felt the need to be home before my roommate so that he wouldn’t wonder where I was which I now really regret. I remember texting The Kid and telling him how I had enjoyed the evening and he said he was very pleased with how things had progressed. I was pleased with how things were progressing too, it felt like I had just closed a chapter in my life; I was very much close to being over Lilith, I was starting a new degree and things felt like they might be starting to sort themselves out.


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