A Canadian Eats At an American Restaurant in Ireland

Now if that isn’t a prime example of globalization I don’t know what is.


Two years ago Lilith and I went on a European excursion; and by European excursion I mean we went to Dublin for a couple of days, London for a couple and then back to Dublin before heading home. This was our first real vacation together and kind of a big deal. I feel that everyone that knew us probably had money on who would leave or kill who across the pond and if the survivor would return or venture further into the continent as a European fugitive. Truth be told if I were asked I’d have probably put a wager on this myself. As I mentioned in the previous post, we fought; a lot. Put yours truly who is the most directionally challenged person in the world with “Miss Thinks She Knows the Answers Better than Everyone Else” and you have a potentially toxic situation or the best pitch for a new reality show ever.

I thought this trip would make or break us and really it didn’t do either. Lilith and I got along pretty well and it was nice to go to bed with her every night. She surprised me with a pretty awesome birthday gift and she didn’t kill me which is always a plus. We had a fun few days but when we got back home she dropped me off at my place and went on home and that was that; back to seeing each other one or two times a week.

So based on my last post there was definitely no sex in Dublin; I mean I can’t speak for the whole city just the hotel room I stayed in. (To be fair there was that pizza appetizer stuff I talked about in the last post as well). There was, however, a romantic reunion of myself and the Brazilin beer Brahma which I had been estranged from for about four years. Yes; a Canadian goes to Dublin and finds the Brazilin beer he has been missing. He also gets acquainted with some really good pizza.

Really good pizza at an American restaurant. Are you following me here? A Canadian goes to Ireland, finds Brazilian beer and eats pizza at an American restaurant. The name of said restaurant: Captain America’s. (As in the Marvel Comics superhero).  The décor in this place was made for a comic book superhero loving bro who also has strong feelings for the band U2. Captain America and Bono and the boys adorned the walls what more could you want?

What pizza did I have? The Buffalo Chicken of course; a “stone baked pizza with hot & spicy sauce, piled with tender chicken, red onion (hold that please), Mexican salsa & mozzarella cheese & jalapeños” aka “Yaaaas on crust”. I mean, this thing just has my name written all over it. (Pictured at the top of the page). Captain America managed to combine my two loves, Buffalo chicken, and Mexican cuisine. (Cap if you could have incorporated bacon I may have moved to Dublin).

Sadly, I tried to recreate this recipe when I came home but just like the good times with Lilith just was not the same. I guess the magic of all of those countries meeting in the homeland of Bono just was not to be recreated.


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