The Prelude

They say you always remember your first. Does this only apply to sex? Or does it apply to other things?


I can for sure say that it doesn’t apply to pizza. I wish I could remember my first time eating pizza. I’m sure it was better than the first time I had sex. I mean, I know I don’t have anything to base it on but the first time I had sex was really not very good and pizza has never really let me down.  This is not to say that I have never had bad pizza, and I’m definitely not saying I have only had bad sex. Of course, I have had bad pizza, and thankfully I have had good sex! Sometimes, the universe doesn’t have it out for me and provides me an opportunity to have both good pizza and good sex; maybe even great pizza and great sex.

This is where the idea of Sex and Pizza came from. They have become two of my favorite things and two things I like sharing with people that mean something to me. In the past year, my life has changed pretty drastically. I went from being in a very long-term, committed relationship to finding myself suddenly single and deciding that it was time to explore my sexuality. Let’s just say that I had spent my life eating regular, traditional pizza but started at a relatively young age realizing I was interested in other forms of pizza; (whether it be multigrain or ones with white sauces or what have you). In case you can’t read through these thinly veiled references I’m kind of also into dudes. And by kind of I mean, I totally am.

So yeah, a year ago my world is flipped completely upside down and I decided it was time to try new pizzas. I had the idea for this blog because I realized a lot of the dates…or whatever the hell they were at the time involved, you guessed it; sex and pizza. During a conversation with my best friend over my woes and gossiping about some bros, I sort of came up with the idea for a blog that would follow this topic. I like to think I’m the Bro version of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw writing about pizza and sex. Just like on the show there are a number of characters that I will reference and as time goes on there will probably be more. This will be an ongoing thing as I am just one bro trying to navigate the game of relationships and the recipes for good pizza.

Truth be told I’m also trying to exorcise some demons with these entries. I have a really hard time getting over things (though a recent discussion with someone who is qualified to deal with these things resulted in her saying that “I don’t think we ever get over things; we get through them.” Which is also echoed in Beyoncé’s song “Ring Off” where her mother can be heard saying “If you’re going through it, just know it’s called “going THROUGH it” You’re not gonna get stuck there, you’re not gonna die, you’re gonna survive”). I think I’m a decent writer and I think I have some funny anecdotes to tell along with the stupid decisions and heartbreak I’ve experienced. Again; think the bro version of Carrie Bradshaw (I also realized along the way I’m probably just as crazy and neurotic as her too). So if my writing about these things helps me get through things and maybe gets turned into oh I don’t know a book then television series, Netflix original, or film then I won’t be too sad. It’ll all be worth it then.

I also note that I want to stay in the Bro Carrie Bradshaw lane and not get into Bro Taylor Swift writing scathing blog entries about his former flames. I won’t be like that though because… pizza!


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